How To Hide Apps

How To Hide Apps

Note: This is just for educational purposes. Do not misuse.


Android apps can be hidden in many ways. People like to hide their Android apps for privacy. Some mobiles have this option by default but many do not have it. Scroll down if you want to learn how to hide apps.

Requirements To Hide Apps

1. Apex Launcher (You can download Apex Launcher by searching it in the Google Play Store)

Method To Hide Apps

1. Download Apex Launcher.

2. After it is downloaded, press the Home Button and select Apex Launcher.

3. Now, click on Apex Settings.

4. After that, click on Hidden Apps.

5. Now, click on Add Hidden Apps.

6. Now, select the apps that you want to hide and click on Save.

7. Congratulations, your app is hidden. Enjoy!